Scoring Life

There are six Life Spaces that we all inhabit that involve choices — choices we make in regard to Self, our relations with our Life Partner, our Friends, our Work, our Money, and our Kids. Nearly every choice we make occurs within the context of one or more of these Life Spaces. For an ideal vision, imagine being at the core and having an ongoing relationship with each of them.  Consciously engaging and reconciling with our interactions within each of these spaces in crucial to our overall well-being. Improving your JQ will enhance your productivity, success, and fulfillment.



Taking care of your self is the primary prerequisite to being able to live a good life. All too often, we tend to make choices that jeopardize our opportunity to thrive.


While the buddy system has proven extremely supportive in helping people accomplish and succeed in a wide range of endeavors, many of the choices we make seem to hurt this precious ally.


Human beings are social animals and we thrive knowing that we belong to and cared for. Cultivating friendships and maintaining relationships involves making choices that take both time and care.


To succeed working solo or in a team, you have numerous choices to make every day. They can be influenced by so many factors, some visible and some not so visible.


While money is a key resource for shaping the circumstances of our lives, the choices we make as to how we think about it, use it or abuse it are critical to managing it well.


Most of us interact with children even if we don’t have any of our own. How we chose to engage with kids to motivate or influence them can teach us some amazing lessons.